Kimberley Stacy J. Designs


A visual storyteller ready for the next adventure ahead.

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A visual storyteller is the simplest way to describe who I am, besides making sh*t look good. I am an OCAD U Alumni and have been in the design game for 5+ years.

Clients include:

Financeit, Glance Marketing, Government of Ontario, Deloitte, Makenzie Investments, Amazon Web Services, Hired, Seneca@York, Pandora, Speedstar Automotive, Driven., Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego, Imprint Marketing Group

Brands worked on:

OLG Corporation, Milkbone, Meowmix, Michelob Ultra, Foodland Ontario, Labatt Products: Budweiser, Stella Artios, Alexander Keith’s, Corona, Palm Bay, etc. Metrolinx, TD, Sobeys, Loblaw, Rogers, Liberty Coca Cola ,Creative Destruction Lab, HealthPRO, Biome Renewables, Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, Ingu Solutions